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    Automobile Injury ClaimA car wreck is irritating, and dealing with the insurance company after a wreck is a nightmare.  We deal with insurance companies every day.  We've successfully presented hundreds of claims for our clients.  We've navigated these rough waters before, and we've recovered millions for our clients..

    Hiring a skilled, experienced lawyer after a wreck is a necessity - not a luxury. One client recently said, "I'm trying to be fair but [the insurance company] won't work with me.  This is a nightmare."   Our attorneys have tried cases all over the Southeast, and we get our clients results. Don't do this alone.  Let us put our experience to work for you. - learn more

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    Trucking Accident ClaimYou need competent, skilled representation to navigate the complexities of a trucking collision case.  We’ll get you the compensation you deserve.

    Your recovery begins today.

    Commercial Truck Drivers are among the most skilled drivers on the road today, but collisions still happen. Like a typical automobile collision, you will be entitled to financial recovery.  However, a collision involving a commercial vehicle is much more complex than a typical automobile collision settlement - that's because the trucking company has much, much more at stake.  We've recovered millions for our clients.  Let us put our experience to work for you - learn more

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    Wrongful Death ClaimWe represent clients who have experienced the tragic loss of a family member or loved one in devestating circumstances.  We are compassionate and steadfast; gentle yet diligent.

    We can help you through this transition...

    Coping with the death of a father, mother, child, or loved one is difficult.  The emotional loss families face is tremendous, and financial concerns become overwhelming.  Our task is to remove the concern surrounding the legal aspects of the wrongful death claim so the family can focus on mourning, healing and coping. - learn more

Recent Successes

Client was viciously attacked by a neighbor's pit bull. Client's arm sustained
significant bites and tears, and her foot was degloved. First and only offer from insurer was $7,000. We filed suit and obtained a settlement just prior to trial
of $95,000.00.
Client was hit head on by a driver who was DUI. Client sustained significant injuries and was hosptialized for several days.
Client had preexisting injuries and was struck from the rear in a low impact collision. The force of the collision re-aggravated her old injuries and she required surgery. Insurance company initially denied responsibility, but we were able to obtain this resolution after we had several or our client's doctors provide statements about her condition.
Our client T-boned a driver who lost control and entered our client's lane. Settlement was received within 35 days after collision.