Gwinnett County LA Fitness Lawsuit

Charmaine Johnson says she passed out inside a sauna at a Gwinnett County LA Fitness, and no one found her for two hours.

“Just thinking about it, and crying because of all the hurt, the pain, the saga, the whole thing going through,” Johnson said.

When Johnson woke up she was in the hospital with severe burns on her legs and feet.

A surgeon amputated all 10 of Johnson’s toes, and she spent nearly two months in the hospital.

The once very active Johnson uses special shoes to get around, and some of the simplest tasks are now difficult.

“It’s just horrific, you know, just the same thing like bend down and pick something up,” Johnson said. “Simple things like that you can’t do. You just have to think before you do it, because if not you’re going to fall, tip over.”

Attorney Jesse Kent represents Johnson in a lawsuit recently filed against LA Fitness.

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