Whether you like it or not, insurance is a part of your life. In Georgia, the law requires that you have minimum insurance for your vehicle, but you may also have home insurance, renter’s insurance, boat insurance, insurance for your business, or many other forms of insurance.

The most common insurance claim is the Automobile Insurance Claim. Whether you’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence, or whether you accidently hit someone else or something else, your auto insurance policy will likely cover damages, injuries, and physical recovery.

But insurance claims are not limited to automobile insurance claims.

Source of Insurance Claims

Product Liability: Manufacturers of machinery, equipment, or safety gear may be held liable for failing to exercise all possible care in the products they market.

Inadequate Warning or Instructions: Some products have built-in hazards that cannot be eliminated from design since they would inhibit cost-effective operation. Warnings must be included for such products.

Contractor Negligence (Worker’s Compensation): Outside vendors engaged to install equipment, design workstations, provide lighting, or support work processes may contribute to injuries.

Premises liability: Dangerous conditions at the worksite or elsewhere, such as a poorly designed loading dock or inadequate safety considerations, may also or contribute to an injury.

Automobile Collisions: Your vehicle collides with another and you are not at fault; or, you are injured in an accident and the other driver has no insurance (could also be a collision with another object not a car, or you being struck by a driver while you are on foot).

Homeowners’ Liability: You enter someone else’s property and are injured by a condition on that property, whether falling down stairs, tripping over a rug, or falling down an abandoned well.

Common Insurance Claim Myths

MYTH: The insurance company is here to help you and will deal with your insurance claim fairly.

TRUTH: The insurance companies are concerned about their shareholders and about maximizing profits. Your are their last concern.

MYTH: The insurance company will adequately compensate you for all of your losses and will do so very quickly.

TRUTH: Remember – insurance companies care about shareholders first, not you. If you present a claim on your own, the insurance company will do everything it can to give you as little money as possible. Hiring a lawyer changes this because the insurance company knows the lawyer will sue and a jury may award you more than they offer.

MYTH: Processing an insurance claim alone is quick and painless.

TRUTH: The insurance company cares for its shareholders first – not you. Claims are intentionally difficult and frustrating. If you don’t have a lawyer, the insurance company will assign a special team to your claim. When you get a lawyer, they’ll assign a completely different team.

MYTH: An insurance company will tell you how much money is available to compensate you in your claim.

TRUTH: You will never know what the total “pool” of money is available to you unless you hire a lawyer. You could be selling yourself short if you don’t know the pool amount. A lawyer can help you determine what the policy limits are.