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The Kent Law Group provides DUI defense to The Greater Atlanta area and is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Your DUI Defense starts with your actions, so please read our guide below.


Rule 1: Don’t drink and drive – at all. Police officers are smart and well trained. If you’ve been drinking, you won’t outsmart them.

Rule 2: Field sobriety tests are not designed to help you. They’re designed for failure so the officer can arrest you. REFUSE FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS (unless you haven’t had anything to drink).

Rule 3: The intox test at the jail or in the BATmobile – don’t do them. It’s considered a refusal, and you’ll lose your license, but the State won’t have any further evidence to prosecute you with.

A citation / ticket for a DUI can have a lasting, monumental impact on your future. Once on your record, it can prevent you from getting scholarship awards, a job, and much more.

The stories don’t change much: You’re out with friends, you felt fine, and you headed home. You hadn’t been driving erratically when you got pulled over, but you were arrested nonetheless.

You got a DUI. Now what? If you do nothing, you will lose your license. End of story. If you are pulled over on a suspended license, you’ll face jail time and new charges. And it only gets worse from there.

First Life-time DUI? Your attorney’s fees may be as little as $1,000, plus costs associated with procedure, usually an additional $150.

DUI Overview

What Do I Do If I’ve Been Drinking and Get Pulled Over ?

Relax. There is a procedure, and knowing what the officer will ask you will only help. First, the officer will approach and ask you for your personal information – your license and registration. At some point the officer will ask you if you’ve been drinking.

Officers are intelligent and very well trained. Odds are, your officer has nailed numerous drivers for DUI’s, so he or she knows the odor of alcohol and can tell when you’re lying. When an officer begins asking you questions, you have a choice to make: answer and incriminate yourself, or decline to answer questions. Ultimately, if you’re scared that you are going to get a DUI because you’ve been drinking, chances are that you ARE going to get a DUI, regardless of the answers you give the officer.

EVERYTHING you say is most likely being recorded. EVERYTHING you do – every step, misstep, stumble, burp, or plea is being recorded. We recommend that you decline to answer any questions. When the officer asks if you’ve been drinking, decline to answer or just say no. When the officer asks you to perform field sobriety tests, decline. But brace yourself though… you’re about to be arrested. You’ll then be taken to the police station where you’ll be asked to submit a breath sample in a machine called an intox. 5000. This machine is much more advanced than a roadside breathalyzer. We recommend you decline this, too.

Brace yourself again… now you’ll be either locked in a holding cell and booked in or taken to a hospital or other medical institution for a sample of your blood (this procedure is generally overlooked and not done).

At this point, while you may have been charged with a DUI, the prosecution has very little evidence against you. Consider the opposite  you talked a lot to the officer; you’re on video falling all over the place; you blew into the intox. machine and your scores are terrible. If you did that, you have very little defense. BUT… if you followed our suggestions above, the prosecution has very little evidence to prosecute you with.

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