Sugar Hill Personal Injury Lawyer

Sugar Hill Personal Injury LawyerThe Kent Law Group, Sugar Hill personal injury lawyers, are dedicated to representing injured victims against companies and individuals responsible for wrongdoing.  As the preferred Sugar Hill personal injury law firm, we understand the importance of getting our clients the settlement they deserve. Personal injury appears in multiple different forms but our firm has vast experience in tractor trailer accidents, premise liability, car accidents, or any other incident that occurs do to the negligence of a third party.

At the The Kent Law Group our experienced team of Sugar Hillpersonal injury attorneys have been retained on several occasions when clients attempted to deal direct with the insurance company.  Insurance adjusters often use a strategy to use information you may share to negatively impact your potential claim. Remember, insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and their goal is to settle your case for as little as possible.  The Kent Law Group will represent your interests to aggressively settle your case and multiply the value of your claim.

Sugar Hill Motor Vehicle Collisions

The Kent Law Group has worked on hundreds of auto accident related claims.  We specialize in all size cases from fender benders to major collisions.   There are many variables to account for in an auto accident.

  1. Which driver is at fault?
  2.  How many people were injured?
  3. Did each driver carry insurance?
  4. Who covers the medical bills?
  5. Does the driver have uninsured motorist coverage?
  6. What kind of insurance does each driver hold (minimum, med-pay, maximum)

To many injured motorists, starting the process of settling your insurance claim is a challenge.  At The Kent Law Group we can help you acquire the proper treatment you need and represent your interests against the insurance company.  Do not attempt to settle this case alone – Call a Sugar Hill personal injury lawyer today at 678-928-9376.

Sugar Hill Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are becoming more common everyday as negligent dog owners fail to properly train and quarantine their pets.  It is a dog owner’s responsibility to protect innocent bystanders from being attacked without cause.  The average medical bill for a dog bite incident is $20,000.  Medical bills and recovery time from injuries can be stressful in a dog bite case so rely on The Kent Law Group to make sure you are properly compensated and appropriate action is taken against the dog owner.  Our experienced team of Sugar Hill dog bite lawyers are prepared to navigate your case and produce a strategy that will yield a successful settlement or litigation.

Sugar Hill Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Kent Law Group understands compensation is never “fair” for the loss of a family member due to a negligent party.  Dealing with the death of a loved one is emotionally and physically draining. In addition to the emotional loss, many families are often burdened with heavy financial loss and concerns. A Sugar Hill wrongful death lawyer can help lift the legal burden of the case so the family can concentrate on emotional healing. We specialize in multiple types of wrongful death claims such as airplane crashes, motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating disasters, and premise liability claims. There are 3 documents that are critical to your case:

  1. Investigation Report
  2. Copy of the family members death certificate
  3. All bills associated with incident.

If you have any issues recovering these documents we would be glad to help.  Please call a Sugar Hill Wrongful Death Lawyer today at 678-928-9376. Our reviews speak for themselves and we would love to represent you when you are in need of a Sugar Hill Lawyer.

If you are a resident of Sugar Hill, Georgia, make sure you representation is top notch.  Jesse Kent & The Kent Law Group specialize in personal injury cases and have delivered countless settlements for our clients. Call us today for a free case review and consultation.