Suwanee Personal Injury Lawyer

When you need an attorney for a personal injury lawsuit, choose someone you can trust. Jesse Kent is a Suwanee, Georgia attorney who knows how important it is to protect the rights of the claimant and advocate for the compensation you deserve.

Years of Experience Filing Personal Injury Claims in Georgia

As an established Suwanee lawyer, Kent has represented numerous personal injury clients who have received substantial settlements. He has built a solid reputation on offering fair rates and acting as a support system to individuals who must navigate the difficult process of filing a personal injury claim. He specializes in several different areas and practices law in Suwanee and surrounding cities.

Kent has worked on hundreds of cases and gives a voice to people who have wrongfully suffered an accident or the premature loss of a loved one. He prides himself on promising to stand up for his clients and refuses to accept offers he feels will be a disservice to the people who have come to him for help. He has a critical eye for details and this attribute has helped him win many difficult cases. Clients of Kent can often be found triumphant as they walk out of the Suwanee Court House following litigation.

Collision Assistance from a Suwanee Personal Injury Attorney

When you get involved in a Suwanee car wreck, you need someone at your side to deal with the complex process of filing insurance claims. Insurance companies will typically make things difficult for individuals who are looking for recourse following an accident. Kent is knowledgeable about how to file the insurance claims to ensure you receive what is rightfully your due. As part of the process, Kent promises to assist you in getting proper medical treatments and receiving financial restitution in the aftermath of a car accident. Kent has handled all types of car accidents including minor fender benders and serious collisions.

Not every personal injury case is the same and Kent understands this. It is why he also specializes in handling claims involving a commercial vehicle. Although most companies employ well-trained drivers, accidents involving commercial trucks can still happen. These types of accidents involve much higher stakes and should be handled delicately by a reliable Suwanee attorney.

Georgia Wrongful Death Attorney

The unimaginable may have occurred and you’ve lost a loved one in an unforeseen tragedy. It may have been a car accident, motorcycle wreck, airplane crash or another horrible event that ripped your loved one away too soon. Along with the emotional toll a family member’s death can take, financial concerns are common. Kent is a Suwanee wrongful death attorney who can concentrate on resolving the financial issues your family faces while you spend the time mourning your loved one. Kent’s firm knows the proper way to guarantee insurance claims get processed as swiftly as possible. Sorting through paperwork should be the least of your worries during a time of mourning. Once the proper paperwork has been filed, Kent will make certain you receive all funds available following the death of a family member.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a workplace accident or traffic accident in Georgia, you must get in touch with Jesse Kent. He can also assist in wrongful death claims, DUI defense cases, small claims, criminal defense and other areas. You may request an appointment to discuss the details of your personal injury case with Kent or contact him directly by phone. He’ll ask you the tough questions to help you decide whether to move forward with your case. Never settle a claim without first speaking to a Suwanee, Georgia personal injury lawyer.