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Magistrate Court

I was being sued by a former Section 8 tenant. While she lived in the home that I rented to her, she set fire to the house and caused SUBSTANTIAL damage. To make matters worse, she then sued me, alleging that I was obligated to pay for HER utilities the whole time she lived there. She NEVER mentioned this to me while she lived there, and the bills were all in HER NAME.

Needless to say, I hired Jesse and he handled the matter all the way through trial. While to Plaintiff's lawyer made good arguments, Jesse made better arguments. In closing he asked the Judge if she could put her finger on any evidence showing that the tenant ever sent bills to me and whether she saw any evidence of any amounts that I was supposed to pay. I guess these arguments worked - I didn't have to pay any of the plaintiff's bills.

Thanks Jesse!


Personal Injury Automobile

I was injured in a car wreck on my way to work. For two years I tried to get the insurance company to settle. I really just wanted them to pay me what I had paid out of pocket, but the insurance company wouldn't pay.

Almost out of hope, I talked to Mr. Kent and he agreed to represent me on a contingency fee. Four months after I hired him Mr. Kent settled my case for $50,000.00. That's $35,000 MORE than the insurance company had offered in 2 years.

I HIGHLY recommend that you hire Mr. Kent. I'll be back to see him if I need a lawyer in the future.


Divorce Law

When I filed for divorce I had no one to turn to. I couldn't afford to pay for an attorney, but knew that I needed one. Out of desperation, I called Mr. Kent and met him at his office. He told me all about my case and what I could expect to happen. Jesse gave my concerns more attention than any other lawyer I had talked to.

When I told him I didn't have much money, Jesse told me I could pay his fee over time.

I got custody of my kids and a fair amount in child support. After the trial, Mr. Kent told me that since the case didn't take as long, he couldn't keep some of the money I had paid him. He gave me a refund - unheard of. Very glad I called him.


Small Claims Court

My so called business partner (former) sued me in small claims court. I got a flyer from this firm and decicded to call for an appointment. The fee was reasonable, so I decided to get a lawyer. When we got to trial, not only was the claim dismissed, Mr. Kent had filed a counterclaim for defamation and we won on our claim. I totally wasn't expecting that.