Wrongful Death Claims

We represent clients who have experienced the tragic loss of a family member or loved one in catastrophic circumstances such as:

  1. Airplane Crashes
  2. Motor Vehicle Collisions
  3. Motorcycle Accidents
  4. Boating Disasters
  5. Premises Liability

Dealing with the death of a father, mother, child, or loved one requires all of a family’s energy and efforts. In addition to the emotional loss, families often face tremendous and overwhelming financial concerns. Wrongful death lawyers help remove the concern surrounding the legal aspects of the wrongful death claim so the family can focus on mourning, healing and coping.

Though your loved one may have passed, your life and the lives of your loved ones must carry on. The sheer amount of paperwork required to process and finalize a death claim can be staggering. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed or without hope, please call us today and let us help you transition through this difficult process. If you are having trouble focusing at work or at home, at school or at church, or if you are having trouble simply getting out of bed because of worry, do not go through this process alone.

We are experienced at processing these claims. We know what information to collect and who to pass it along to. We can make the phone calls to the adjusters and can move the process forward. Do not suffer further loss because you feel overwhelmed.

What to expect?

Paperwork. A lot of it. Unfortunately, an insurance company cannot simply issue a check. Instead, they will need a substantial amount of paperwork and “evidence”. From the day of the loss, the insurance companies will go into “damage control”. At this point, they understand that they are most likely going to be forced to pay large sums or “policy maximums” to the party who experienced the loss.

What's more, don’t expect the insurance company to be straight-forward with you. They may ask you to waive a claim to certain monies, or they may attempt to inform you of the maximum amounts that are available to you. You will be better off to greet their assertions with a great deal of skepticism. In fact, the insurance companies will never fully disclose all policy information to you unless you ask specifically.

Do not settle your wrongful death claim unless and until you have spoken with a lawyer from this firm or another firm. Make certain that you are set to receive all funds available to you. We are here to help and want to do everything in our power to assist you and your family.

What to collect?

From the outset, three pieces of paperwork will be critical to your claim. If you do not have these documents, do not despair - we can likely recover these documents for you. Those documents are:

  1. A copy of the accident or investigation report.
  2. A copy of the death certificate (you may keep the original; we will collect a copy)
  3. A copy of any bills associated with the costs of burial.

These Documents will go far in aiding your claim.